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Starting out with your new SHOUTcast Server with AutoDJ

1.) Log into the Centovacast Control panel. (AutoDJ/Admin link provided in notecard you recieved when you purchased your stream.)

 how to setup centovacast autodj


2.) Now that you're in. You have to decide if you want to have the autodj running or not. If you don't want to use the autodj feature.
Press the little stop button above the autodj settings. You will also need to stop the autodj anytime you want to stream live.
(Note: if you would like autodj disabled completly just let us know.)

3.) If you desided that you didn't want to run autodj and just stick with the basic of running a Live stream
than that's it your all done on the website. See appropriate tutorial for setting up a broadcaster.
If you have decided to continue with autodj follow the tutorial for adding your music.

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