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How to connect Virtual DJ to SHOUTcast


You will need the Broadcaster version of Virtual DJ in order to stream your station. You can purchase Virtual DJ here.

1.) Install Virtual DJ and then open it up.

2.) Underneath the virtual decks on the right is a tab named 'Record'. Click on the 'Record' tab

How to connect Virtual DJ with SHOUTcast 


3.) On the left hand side you will see the 'Broadcast' tab. Click on the "Broadcast" tab.

Broadcasting Virtual DJ


4.) Click where it says 'Config' in the center of the programs interface.

Configuring SHOUTcast Virtual DJ


5.) This will load up the 'Broadcast Configuration' box. Under the 'Format' option, you will need to select 'MPEG.
By default Virtual DJ installs the Lame_Encoder.dll file into a program folder in 'My Documents' (Windows).
It will automatically already point to this file, but if not it can be found at C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\VirtualDJ\Plugins\lame_enc .dll (Windows users).

Virtual DJ


6.) In the format section, select the 'Bitrate' that you require for your stream. This will need to be the same as the bitrate of the account that you purchased.

7.) Under 'Server' options, you will need to select 'Broadcast to a radio server'. (Shoutcast/Icecast2)'.

8.) In the 'Server' tab input your provided Shoutcast server address.  Please note: You should use the
hostname  and not the IP address.

9.) In the 'Port' tab input your provided port number.

10.) In the 'Name' tab input your username. Shoutcast v1 does not require a username.

11.) In the 'Password' tab input your user password.

12.) The 'Genre' tab allows you to input the Genre of your stream.

13.) Click OK.

14.) Click the 'Start Recording' button under the 'Record' tab to start broadcasting to the server.

Virtual DJ live streaming



Playing music in Moonlight Grid or SL

The server with port number address should be added to a parcel of land in MLG or Second Life
so everyone on that land parcel will hear you play
If you own the land yourself go to About Land/Parcel Details in the menu or right click on the ground and choose About Land.

Land Menu          Land Pie Menu

Click on the "Media" tab and paste the URL into the "Music URL" field

Media Menu

Close the dialog, and when you press play on the music player you should hear your own stream
If you do not own land ask the Club Owner or Manager to change the URL for you

If you are trying to stream from an object of some kind (ex: SHOUTcast Board, radio) please see the instruction that came with your object.

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